1838 Wilma Dr
Clarkston, WA 99403
509-758-3000 (hangar)

Our Equipment
MD Hughes 500D AS350 B2 "Astar"  UH-1H "Huey"
MD Hughes 500D Astar spraygear
MD Hughes 500D
We operate the Hughes 500D as our main capture helicopter. The short rotor span allows it to hover and land nearly anywhere. It is turbine powered with the enhanced C20-R engine and is the perfect platform for wildlife capture and utility operations.  We operate the AS350B2 Astar for multiple utility missions including agricultural spraying, firefighting, lift work, and more. The seating configuration in the Astar provides excellent visiblity and the  soloy conversion gives it excellent hot and high performance.
We operate the Bell UH-1H "Huey" for larger operations. The Huey is capable of heavy lifting, firefighting, large spray work, and more.
Robinson R-66Robinson R-44 Raven IILarge Fixed Wing Airplanes
robi_side Dromader
We utilize the Robinson R66 for a variety of utility missions.  Its blend of power and performance  make it a very capable aircraftWe utilize the Robinson R44 for a variety of charter utility missions.  Its blend of performance and an economical price make it a very useful tool while staying within budget. We utilize large fixed wing airplanes to complete spraying, seeding, and fertilizing projects.  We are also capable of fighting fires as single engine air tankers (SEATS)
Fuel Trucks
Red Bull Fuel Truck Kenworth Fuel Truck GMC Fuel Truck
950 Gallon 4WD Fuel Truck and equipment hauler (our "Red Bull")  Kenworth 5,000 Gallon Fuel Truck  We have multiple "pickup style" fuel trucks to operate efficiently for even the smallest jobs. 
Computer Applications
Ag GPS Touch Screen Tablet PC
Red Bull Fuel Truck Kenworth Fuel Truck We purchased a rugged tabular PC that combines mapping software with GPS technology to custom fit your aerial inventory needs. Our GIS staff can assist you in creating the perfect survey platform. Upon completion of the survey, we can produce GIS shapefiles for your analysis with custom attribute fields.
We utilize the latest in technology with the TracMap DGPS with flow control to navigate, locate previously mapped weed infestations, and record our treatments for your project. We produce shapefiles specifically showing where our treatments occurred for your records and analysis.