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wes and bighorn
Project initiation.  What information do we need?
Please fill out the pdf document and return it to us so that we have a full understanding of your project.

Coby Tetons
Collar Preparation before capture.
Click here to to see a video of how we like to prepare collars before they go into the helicopter.

Oregon Moose Captures Oregon Moose Captures
We captured  the first moose collared in Oregon. Check out the story learn more about the "moose on the loose".

Helicopter Net Gun/ Dart Gun Capture Services and Eradication

More Video Coming soon!

Leading Edge Aviation has specialized in the Wildlife industry for over three decades.  We are experts in all types of animal survey, capture for research, disease testing, translocation of animals, and eradication. We pride ourselves in being the most experienced animal capture team in the nation.  Our team has been together year after year ensuring that we have the necessary training and experience for even the most difficult situations.  Jim Pope Jr. is the primary capture pilot for Leading Edge Aviation.  Jim has over 17,000 hours in helicopters with most of this being in remote locations in mountainous terrain.  We have multiple CODA enterprise trained net gunners with years of experience.  We also have a company veterinarian and wildlife biologists on staff to ensure that all of our sampling protocols are being properly completed. Leading Edge has also achieved the high standard of being certified by the federal government for ACETA (aerial capture, eradication & tagging of animals) operations.